Secret steps to literacy rich STEAM activities 豐富語文素養的STEAM課程

When we help kids make connections, we strengthen their learning experiences. Integrating multiple subjects when studying a topic or theme is one way to help build these connections. STEAM activities provide a fabulous vehicle for integrated learning.

However, here at STEAM Academy (Mountain View Village ) we like to add another crucial element to the mix.The subject that binds all the others together is LITERACY. The communication of ideas to and from the child is where the real learning and processing comes into play.

1.Use a piece of writing such as a children’s book, newspaper article or an interview as the inspiration for a STEAM project.
1. 善用適齡有趣的文本或影音紀錄引起動機。

2. Gather a stack of books on a topic. Also, collect fiction and non-fiction books that will help your child delve deeper into the topic of your study.
2. 提供充足的專題書籍,鼓勵從閱讀中查詢訊息、驗證假設,培養終身閱讀學習的習慣。

3. Keep a project journal. Documenting the process as you work is important for gathering information, analyzing results, and creating future plans. After it is complete, challenge your child to write and illustrate their own book about the activity. This is great for helping kids to sequence events and retell the process they used for completing the activity.
3. 探究專題的過程中,學習以更科學的方式記錄過程、分析發現、收集訊息、計劃工作,孩子們能以中文、英文、表格、圖畫、攝影肢體律動等各種方式撰寫研究報告及學習歷程檔案。

4. Children pick up a foreign language easily through songs, movements, games and lots of storytelling activities.
4. 中低年級學童透過足量的歌唱、律動、遊戲、說故事等主題課程設計最輕鬆容易習得外語,不會養壞學習英文的胃口。

5. Easy Talk. Talking with others about your work helps to solidify learning and creates a bridge to further inquiry.
5. 山景童盟村營造輕鬆的師生對談氛圍,堅持專業優勢的師生比,每天都有聊不完的話題,傾聽、陪伴、分享、討論成為好重要的小事。


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