STEAM Challenge for Kids: Design a Paper Plate Magnet Maze

In our most recent STEAM lessons, we challenged students to create a magnet maze game using a paper plate, some basic craft supplies, and magnets. Kids created all kinds of cool structures on their paper plates for their “magnetic little one” to go through as they tilted the plate different directions using their hands. Please have a look!

@What’s the STEAM behind it?
*Science: The kids had a blast with this science project Learning and discovering about Magnetism.
*Technology & Engineering: Some kids used construction paper to create ramps, caves, holes and pockets in their plates and even designated point values for different arches!
*Arts: Designing, choosing a specific theme, drawing, cutting, pasting, coloring and etc the kids all had so much fun.
*Mathematics: They also liked the voting process for best-designed and the favorites. Counting and rating came right after.
*Language+: each child provided a manual to explain the rules of the game, how wonderful to connect basic writing/ reading skills and fun STEAM project!
We got so excited about the activity, they were trading finished plates for their friends to try!

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