The Science of Seeds

Seeds, even the tiniest ones, contain the food and all the instructions necessary to sprout a new plant. All they need are the right conditions: the right temperature, consistent moisture, and a good location. We tried some simple plant experiments this week. Let’s check it out!


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Water guns

Water guns are fun to play with, especially during hot summer days. Instead of b

04 News & Insights


清新美麗二月初的台大校園, 寒流來襲前夕,山景師生踏上築夢之旅,風雨中燃起無限勇氣與希望~ 感謝山景童盟村顧問曾教授協調安排小村民們參訪國立台灣大學 R-Lab

04 News & Insights

7/15、7/29、8/5 山景童同盟村 秋季入村說明會

感謝各位家長的支持,暑期班創始村第一批小村民已經進駐,為了給小村民足夠揮灑的空間,因此名額非常有限,對暑期班向隅的家長非常抱歉。我們將於暑假時段,舉行三梯次 (

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