Water guns

Water guns are fun to play with, especially during hot summer days. Instead of buying a water gun at the store, why not try to make your own? This can be more cost effective and can be turned into a fun group activity. Whether you are bored or just want to make something crafty, you might get some cool ideas and make a water gun at home as well.
That’s right, we are going to play water fight tomorrow and Friday!!!! Hooray!


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檸檬身世地圖 – 2

昨天玩過了檸檬汁隱形地圖,今天戰勝追擊帶入真正地圖的相關概念… @教室的北方在哪裡?拿著指北針查查看! @每張地圖都有方向標嗎? @我們怎麼把大大的建築物縮小放

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